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SEOPress: Google Inspect URL, Matomo On-Premise Support & Better Video XML Sitemap

SEOPress recently released version 5.7 of their WordPress SEO plugin, introducing a Google inspect URL feature, support for Matomo self-hosted, an improved video XML sitemap, and two new Gutenberg blocks. Optimize The SEO Of Your WordPress Sites » Google Inspect URL Inspect URLs With Google Search Console ©SEOPress Google Search Console allows you to check a URL to get important information about its indexing, possible errors, discovery, AMP, the schemas found and much more. The good news is that you no longer need to log into Google Search Console to get this information. SEOPress Pro has integrated this API into their content analysis feature. You can now audit a URL directly from your favorite editor or page builder and learn more about its status in Google. You can even do this without an editor using the universal SEO metabox. New Metrics: Clicks, Positions, CTR & Impressions ©SEOPress In version 6.2, SEOPress has extended its Google Search Console integration to support the following four metrics: clicks, positions, CTR and impressions. You can find them in the list of your posts, pages and custom post types. This way you can quickly determine which content performs best and which needs to be optimized. Matomo On-Premise Support Matomo Self-Hosted Integration ©SEOPress Due to very strict data protection laws, there have been recent court rulings in various countries of the European Union, such as France and Austria, that have questioned or even banned the use of Google Analytics due to the GDPR. Previously, SEOPress supported Matomo, which is considered one of the most popular alternatives to GA, but only the cloud version. Now you can track your visitors with Matomo on-premise. After you install Matomo on your own server and connect it to your WordPress site via SEOPress, your tracking code will be automatically generated based on your settings. Unlike Google Analytics, the data remains stored with you and only you have access to it. This guarantees your compliance with the GDPR. Better Video XML Sitemap Video XML Sitemap ©SEOPress Due to popular demand, SEOPress now automatically adds YouTube videos to your video sitemap when you save or publish content. If you host videos on other platforms or on your own server, you can also add them manually. As icing on the cake, they created a new tool that allows you to re-generate your video sitemap by scanning your content for YouTube videos. You will find the Regenerate button at SEO > Tools > Video Sitemap. New How-to & Breadcrumbs Blocks In addition to the existing FAQ and Local Business blocks, SEOPress just added another two blocks for Gutenberg. Say hello to the […]

SEOPress Announces New Pricing

After keeping pricing unchanged since 2019, the SEOPress team has just announced an upcoming price change for their WordPress SEO plugin that will take effect on 18 April 2022. Given […]