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Usermaven: Google Search Console Integration in Early Access

It’s only been a week since Usermaven introduced visitor journeys, and they’re already rolling out another big update. The privacy-friendly, cookieless web and product analytics platform has just announced a Google Search Console integration in early access and much more. Web Analytics Top Sources Overview Top Sources Overview ©Usermaven Usermaven has added a new overview option to Top Sources in web analytics. This allows you to quickly identify which channels generate the most traffic for your website. Device Type Overview Device Type Overview ©Usermaven They have also added an option to show the types of devices your website visitors are using, such as laptop, mobile and desktop. Default Domain Default Domain ©Usermaven If you track multiple websites, it can be useful to set the default domain in Usermaven’s web analytics dashboard at Workspace Settings > General. This way you can quickly access the analytics for a specific website without having to manually select the domain each time. Online Visitors […]
Feature Adoption 2.0

Usermaven Rolls Out Feature Adoption 2.0

Waqar from Usermaven has just released a new update to its privacy-friendly, cookieless and no-code web and product analytics platform, introducing Feature Adoption 2.0, funnel conversion time distribution, dynamic conversion values, and more. Feature Adoption 2.0 The Usermaven team has revamped the Feature Adoption metrics to provide you with more meaningful data than ever before. With the new Feature Adoption, you can now: Create modules and place individual features within those modules for better organization. Define adoption criteria, such as how many times a user performs an event. Specify how often users must use a feature, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Generate a group report to get a bird’s eye view of feature usage. Track the frequency of “adopted” and “retained” users on your platform, along with first and last use data. Finally, they have significantly improved the user experience for the module. To create a new feature report, go to the Manage Features section, select the event associated with your feature, and define the acceptance and retention criteria for that feature. Funnel Conversion Time Distribution Conversion Time Distribution ©Usermaven In the detailed funnel analysis, Usermaven has introduced a new conversion time distribution feature. A time histogram allows you to analyze the average time it takes to complete steps in a funnel or process. Dynamic Conversion Values Usermaven now allows you to use dynamic values for conversion goals. For example, a SaaS company might want to know the total number of users who upgraded along with their corresponding conversion values. Based on your selected conversion goal, the resulting display is organized to clearly show the relevant information. Automatic Identification of Logged-In WordPress Users Usermaven’s WordPress plugin has also been updated to allow you to automatically identify logged-in users. They have added an option to automatically send logged-in user data to Usermaven from your WordPress website. You can also exclude events from being sent to the Usermaven platform based on the role of the logged-in users, e.g. your own visits as site admin. What’s More? MAU List ©Usermaven In Product Engagement > Active Users Insight, you can now view a list of daily, weekly and monthly active users, also known as MAU, who are actively engaged with your product. In […]

Usermaven Introduces Scheduled Reports, Scroll Depth Tracking & Dark Mode

Usermaven developers continue in the new year just as they left off with 2022 – with exciting updates to their privacy-friendly, cookieless web and product analytics platform. Say hello to scheduled reports, scroll depth tracking, a new dark mode and more. Scheduled Reports Scheduled Reports ©Usermaven Scheduled reports allow you to quickly receive weekly and monthly analytics summaries directly to your email inbox. All you need to do is set up the report, specifying the recipient’s email address. Usermaven will then automatically send the summary at the desired interval. Scroll Depth Tracking Scroll Depth ©Usermaven We have been eagerly awaiting the tracking of scroll depth. It allows you to see the percentage of your website that your visitors have scrolled through. Especially for a blog, it is important to know if posts are read in full length or how far. It provides valuable insight into user engagement and can help optimise your content for better performance. Embed Dashboard Usermaven now also allows you to embed the web analytics dashboard in your favourite third-party tools, such as Notion for example. You can then view and interact with your analytics data directly in these tools. Python SDK Python SDK ©Usermaven With the new Usermaven Python SDK, you can now send server-side events from Python to Usermaven. To get started, go to Workspace Settings > Setup and install the Usermaven Python SDK. Then you can start identifying people and companies and sending custom events. Dark Mode Dark Mode ©Usermaven Finally, Usermaven has added a […]

Usermaven: New Default Reporting Period & Live View

The Usermaven team has just announced various new features for their privacy-friendly, cookieless web and product analytics platform. This includes a new default reporting period, live view, “All Workspaces” statistics, and more. New Features Let’s take a look at the new features: Default Reporting Period: Usermaven now allows you to choose the default reporting period for web analytics and product insights. To do this, simply navigate to Workspace Settings > Miscellaneous and select the desired time range, e.g. last 30 days, last quarter, last month, month to date or today. Live View: There is now a new live option in web analytics to see visitor activity on your website in real time. Your dashboard is automatically refreshed after 30 seconds and displays the activities of the last 30 minutes. Manual refreshes are finally a thing of the past! This is particularly handy if you are running a high traffic campaign and want to see the statistics in real time. All Workspaces Statistics: In the “All Workspaces” dashboard, you can now view all your workspace statistics in a compact, detailed view. Simply click on the Show statistics option. Improved Detailed View: Previously, the detail view only contained information about visitors, but now Usermaven has added some additional information such as the number of visitors, pageviews, bounce rate, and visit duration. This way you can find out which pages are not performing as expected and make the necessary improvements. Conversion-Related Stats Upon Goal Selection: When a conversion goal is selected, the dashboard is customised to automatically display conversion-related statistics. You can see the number of conversions, conversion rate, top sources, top website pages, locations, etc. In Usermaven, the top sources now group similar referrers such as and for instance to Google. For further drill down, simply click on the source and see which referrer source generates the most traffic to your website. In addition, web analytics queries are now based on sessions as opposed to unique visitors as in the past. Lastly, Usermaven lets you add multiple domains to a single workspace at Workspace Settings > General. However, they recommend that only those domains related to the same business be placed in a single workspace. Live View Live View Reporting Period Default Reporting Period All […]