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Blocksy 2.0

Creative Themes Finally Introduces Blocksy 2.0

Today marks the start of two exciting events. One is Black Friday and the other is the release of Blocksy 2.0. According to Creative Themes, it’s “everything you might need and then some more in an accessible and intuitive package”.…

Carousel Block

Stackable Introduces New Carousel Block

Alexandra from the Stackable team has just announced a new Carousel block for their collection of Gutenberg blocks. Since v3.9.0, you can now display beautiful slideshows and showcase a diverse range of content within a single area of your website, e.g.…

Weglot Compatibility

Stackable Now Compatible With Weglot

The Stackable team has just announced that its collection of Gutenberg blocks is now compatible with Weglot, the cloud-based translation management system. Weglot Compatibility Depending on the nature of your website, offering a multilingual site can help you stay competitive…

Stackable UI

Stackable Releases New UI For Gutenberg Blocks

The Stackable team has just released the new UI for their Gutenberg blocks. The redesign focused on making some quality-of-life changes to their Inspector UI, creating a much more intuitive user experience and workflow. New Stackable UI Let’s take a…