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Email Segmentation

Mailjet Introduces Email Validations

The Mailjet team has been working hard over the last few months to bring you exciting new features. The email marketing platform just introduced email validations, chat and phone support as well as exciting news regarding their segmentation feature. Email…

Email Segmentation

Mailjet Adds New Email Segmentation Conditions

Mailjet just announced new email segmentation conditions to help you refine your segments and optimize your emailing strategy. This way, you can easily reach the right people. Email Solution For Marketers & Developers » New Segmentation Conditions If you create…

Activity Logs

Mailjet: Activity Logs For Email Campaigns

The email service provider Mailjet released a new feature called activity logs earlier this year. They allow you to track any changes made to your email marketing campaigns with ease. Activity Logs Often different people take part in a project.…