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Oviond Introduces New Blended Query Builder

The Oviond team has just announced a new Blended Query Builder that will take your digital marketing client reporting capabilities to new heights. They have also released four new integrations. New Features The new Blended Query Builder allows you to…


Breakdance Introduces Design Library

Louis from Breakdance has just announced version 1.2 of their fairly new visual website builder. It now comes with a beautiful design library and a better query builder. New Features With the new Breakdance Design Library, you get access to…


Usermaven Rolls Out Visitor Journeys

The folks at Usermaven developers have just introduced visitor journeys, a pinned events query builder and a user list export option to their privacy-friendly, cookieless web and product analytics platform. Visitor Journeys Usermaven has introduced visitor journeys aka user journeys.…