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WP Umbrella

WP Umbrella Introduces New Backup Process

WP Umbrella just introduced a new backup process along with a new UI, improved bulk actions, and a new “Re-Sync Data” button to their all-in-one WordPress management tool. Easily Manage, Maintain & Monitor WordPress Sites » New Backup Process &…

WP Umbrella

WP Umbrella Adds GA Data To Maintenance Reports

WP Umbrella just announced a new option for their all-in-one WordPress management tool that allows you to add Google Analytics data to client maintenance reports. They also introduced a new custom sending domain feature. Easily Manage, Maintain & Monitor WordPress…

One-Click Restore

BackupBuddy: One-Click Restore & OneDrive Support⁩

iThemes just added a new way for you to restore your backups with BackupBuddy. By popular demand, the WordPress backup plugin now supports Microsoft OneDrive as a remote backup destination. Easily Backup, Restore & Move WordPress » One-Click Restore BackupBuddy…