Usermaven Introduces Company-Level Funnels, Segments & Insights

Over the past few weeks, the Usermaven team has been busy adding new features to its privacy-friendly, cookieless web and product analytics platform. Meet company-level funnels and segments, funnel step orders, company-level insights, and much more.

User & Company-Level Funnels

Company-Level Funnels
Company-Level Funnels ©Usermaven

Usermaven now allows you to create funnels at both user and company level.

You can use visitor-level funnels for website improvement and optimisation, tracking the journey of website visitors from first interaction to conversion.

User-level funnels provide valuable insights that lead to product improvement and optimisation by focusing on individual user behaviour and tracking each user’s journey through the funnel stages.

Company-level funnels allow you to identify overall trends and patterns in user behaviour and make data-driven decisions about how to optimise the product for the majority of users.

Funnel Step Orders

Funnel Step Order
Funnel Step Order ©Usermaven

Funnel step order describes the sequence of steps or stages in a funnel a user must go through to complete a specific action or conversion goal.

Strict order: If you only want to measure users who have completed the steps in your funnel in the exact order, with no other events in between.

Sequential order: If you want to measure users who have completed the steps in your funnel in the specified order, even if they have triggered other events in between.

Shareable Funnels

Shareable Funnels
Shareable Funnels ©Usermaven

You can now share your funnel with team members or clients by clicking the Share button located in the detailed view of a funnel.

Company-Level Insights

Company-Level Insights
Company-Level Insights ©Usermaven

Previously, you could only view insights at the user level. However, the Product Insights module now includes company-level analysis to help you easily identify trends and behaviours. You can switch between user and company-level reports at Workspace Settings > Miscellaneous. Similar to user-level reports, you can also export company information.

Visitor & Company-Level Segments

Company-Level Segments
Company-Level Segments ©Usermaven

Visitor Segments allows you to filter site visitors based on various criteria such as referrer, first touchpoint, last touchpoint, UTM parameters, first seen, last seen and many more.

For B2B SaaS companies, Company Segments provides account/company level reporting. You can filter companies based on their characteristics or user-level characteristics, providing deeper insight into your target audience.

In other news, you can now send events from your backend to Usermaven via HTTP API.

What’s Next?

Usermaven developers are currently working on a number of exciting new features, including filtering by source and channel in funnels, funnel comparisons between different time periods, journeys to visualise user paths and a Segment integration.

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