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  • - Instant Webhooks - Get live data to your workflows
  • - FlowMattic Connects - Use API to connect any app you have
  • - Multi-Step Workflows to help you with advanced automations
  • - Email Parser, Delay, Schedule, Powerful API module and much more
  • - Unlimited Everything - No limits on workflows, tasks or anything


FlowMattic is like a super helpful assistant for anyone using WordPress to manage their website. It’s a tool that you can add to your WordPress dashboard, and it helps you by automating tasks so you don’t have to do them manually. What’s great about FlowMattic is that you don’t need to be a tech whiz to use it. It’s made for everyone! You can easily set up automated tasks, called workflows, without writing any code. Think of a workflow as a recipe – it’s a set of steps that FlowMattic follows to get something done for you.

One of the coolest parts about FlowMattic is that it can talk to other apps. If the app has an API (which is like a language that apps use to communicate with each other) or uses Oauth (a common way to log into an app), FlowMattic can connect to it. This means that you can have FlowMattic do things across different apps, all working together.



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