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Astra 3.8

Astra Now Takes Full Advantage of Theme.json

The developers of Astra theme have just announced a major update for their WordPress block editor integration. They’ve redesigned it from the ground up, taking advantage of theme.json. Get Astra, A Lightweight & Highly Customizable WordPress Theme » Astra 3.8…

Starter Templates 3.0

Astra Announces Starter Templates 3.0

Astra’s Starter Templates have been available in version 2.0 since the beginning of 2020. It’s about time for a major update, isn’t it? Good news, the Astra team just introduced their new and improved Starter Templates 3.0! Check Out The…

ProjectHuddle Acquisition

Brainstorm Force Acquires ProjectHuddle

Brainstorm Force just announced the acquisition of ProjectHuddle, the client feedback plugin for WordPress. It’s a great way to streamline the feedback process for web design freelancers and agencies. Start Collecting Client Feedback The Easy Way » ProjectHuddle Acquisition ProjectHuddle…

Header Footer Builder

Astra’s Header Footer Builder Coming Soon

Brainstorm Force will soon release the highly anticipated Header Footer Builder. Good news, the wait is almost over! In the meantime, let us give you a quick taste of what you can expect. Check Out The Astra Theme & Astra…

Astra 2.0

Astra 2.0 WordPress Theme: Beta Testers Wanted

Last week, Brainstorm Force announced the beta version of the Astra 2.0 WordPress theme. The upcoming new version includes a cleaner and faster customizer. As of August 19, the all new Astra theme is now available! Check Out The Astra…