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Awesome Motive Acquires Duplicator

After slowing down towards the end of the year, the acquisition train immediately picks up speed again in 2023. Syed from Awesome Motive has just announced the acquisition of Duplicator. Duplicator Acquisition Developed by Snap Creek, Duplicator is a popular…


WooFunnels Joins WPBeginner Growth Fund

Damanjeet Singh, co-founder of WooFunnels, has just announced that the WordPress sales funnel builder has joined the WPBeginner Growth Fund. The same applies to the parent company behind it, Wisetr Technology Pvt Ltd, which is also responsible for XL Plugins.…


Awesome Motive Acquires SearchWP

As an avid reader of our blog, you’ve probably already noticed the “small” change. In the last few days we have been very busy rebranding our blog from stubble.IO to Ahoi, Dev! This is also the reason why we are…