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Awesome Motive Acquires SearchWP

As an avid reader of our blog, you’ve probably already noticed the “small” change. In the last few days we have been very busy rebranding our blog from stubble.IO to Ahoi, Dev! This is also the reason why we are…

Conversational Forms

Fluent Forms Introduces Conversational Forms

WP Manage Ninja just announced conversational forms for Fluent Forms that allow you to make your WordPress forms interactive. This is especially useful for long forms with multiple steps. Get The Fastest WordPress Form Builder » Fluent Conversational Forms Online…

Map Box

WP Grid Builder Now Supports Meta Box

Gridbuilderᵂᴾ is your weapon of choice when it comes to building advanced grid layouts with real time faceted search for WordPress. Previously, they only supported Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). However, they have just added support for Meta Box. Create Advanced…