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Display Conditions

Elementor Adds New Display Conditions

The Elementor team has just announced the arrival of new display conditions, a new Akismet integrations and more for the WordPress website builder. New Features Elementor 3.19 offers new ways to personalize your WordPress website for both visitors and collaborators.…


ZipWP Now Supports Default Usernames & Passwords

Sujay from ZipWP has just announced a new option to set default usernames and passwords for the AI website builder for WordPress. Custom Usernames & Passwords When creating new WordPress sites, ZipWP now allows you to set custom usernames and…


ZipWP Now Supports WordPress Multisite

Sujay from ZipWP has just announced the latest update of the year for their AI website builder for WordPress, introducing Multisite support, public APIs, blueprints and site cloning. New Features Let’s find out what’s new in ZipWP: Earlier this month,…


Breakdance 1.7 Supports Massive Woo Stores

Louis from Breakdance has just announced version 1.7 of the visual website builder for WordPress, currently in beta. The new update introduces support for massive Woo stores, a new Template Marketplace, and more. New Features Breakdance 1.7 adds support for massive Woo online…


Breakdance Launches Template Marketplace

Louis from Breakdance has just announced the launch of the brand-new Template Marketplace for the visual WordPress website builder. You can now easily sell your Breakdance templates. Breakdance Template Marketplace For the first time ever, the Breakdance team is opening its template directory…