Butter Rolls Out Polls 3.0, Q&A & Improved Recordings

Chris from Butter has just announced the releases of Polls 3.0, Q&A and improved recording for its video conferencing platform for interactive online workshops, training, and meetings.

Polls 3.0

Polls have been an integral part of the Butter platform since its inception and have evolved significantly over time. Polls 3.0 introduces the most effective polling experience yet.

Here’s what you can expect from the latest updates:

  • Complete Design Overhaul:
    Polls have undergone a significant makeover and now have a modern, stunning look, while retaining the distinctive Butter vibe.
  • Poll Series:
    For those preparing multiple polls, the new “Launch Next Poll” button allows you to seamlessly switch between them without closing the current poll.
  • Poll Results Posted in Chat:
    Tracking poll results is now much easier as you can post them directly in chat. This increases visibility and keeps everyone informed throughout the session.
  • Bring up Results for Everyone:
    Revisiting previous poll results during a session is now possible.
  • New Quick Yes/No Poll Type:
    The new Quick Yes/No poll type is designed for quick feedback and can be set up in advance of your session. You can choose between a simple ‘👍 / 👎’ or a classic ‘Yes/No’ response mode.
  • Usability Improvements:
    Butter has made several enhancements to improve the usability and participant experience, ensuring that the polling process is not only smooth but also enjoyable for everyone.

Questions & Answers

While polls are a fantastic way to engage your participants, there are times when they just don’t work well. For example, when participants have questions. They could ask them in the chat, but they can easily get lost.

This is why Butter has added a Q&A module right into the chat:

  • Asking Questions Directly in Chat:
    Any participant can ask a question using the normal chat input. By clicking the ‘Q&A’ button, their question will automatically be posted to the chat and added to the question queue.
  • Answer & Respond to Questions:
    As the question is also posted in the chat, both participants and moderators can add answers and respond to the posted question.
  • Question Queue:
    In addition to questions posted in the chat, all submitted questions are placed in the question queue. From here, moderators can easily access the question, highlight it, mark it as done, or remove it from the queue.
  • Highlight for Attention:
    As you go through the questions you’ve collected during the session, you can highlight the questions you’re discussing so that everyone knows what’s going on. You can also mark the question as done when the question has been answered!

Recording Updates

Hide Participants
Hide Participants ©Butter

Recordings are a core part of the Butter experience! Here are some major updates they have just shipped to make them even better:

  • Hiding Participants from Recordings:
    Sometimes it’s just not practical to have your participants in your recordings. You can now set it up so that participants’ videos are hidden from the final recording! This can be set in your room or session before you start recording.
  • Improved UX for Recordings:
    The Butter team also cleaned up the recording outputs by removing any unnecessary elements from the final recording.
  • Domain Whitelisting:
    You can now easily whitelist domains to allow people to join your workspace immediately. By whitelisting a specific domain, people with a verified email from that domain can now join your workspace for easy (team) collaboration.

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