DigitalOcean Introduces Managed MongoDB

DigitalOcean just announced the general availability of DigitalOcean Managed MongoDB for their cloud computing platform. It’s a fully managed database as a service (DBaaS).

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DigitalOcean Managed MongoDB

With Managed MongoDB, you can focus more on developing scalable, high-performance apps and less on database maintenance. Simply move your MongoDB administration to DigitalOcean. They can then handle the provisioning, management, scaling, updates, backups and security of your clusters.

DigitalOcean Managed MongoDB was developed in collaboration with and certified by MongoDB Inc. This ensures that you have access to all the latest versions of the MongoDB document database as soon as they are available.

Check out the features:

  • Spin up highly available MongoDB clusters in minutes.
  • Get automatic backups with a point in time recovery for 7 days. They backup your entire clusters daily at no charge.
  • Get automatic updates to the latest MongoDB releases.
  • Minimize downtime and make your database highly available with standby nodes.
  • Scale up your database on demand to handle the growth in traffic.
  • Get out of the box security with VPC integration, data encryption, and by restricting access to your nodes.
  • Build apps using MongoDB to get tremendous flexibility in handling all sorts of data.
  • Analyze your data and easily run complex queries with the powerful MongoDB Query Language.

Pricing starts at $15/month and you can spin up a highly available three-node replica set for $45/month.

DigitalOcean App Platform

The DigitalOcean App Platform seamlessly integrates with Managed MongoDB. This allows you to choose Managed MongoDB as the database for your app. You can either spin up a Managed MongoDB cluster when you’re creating your app using the App Platform or connect your app to an existing MongoDB cluster.

Node.js 1-Click App Integration

Node.js is a lightweight platform that is perfect for building fast, scalable network applications in JavaScript. The Node.js 1-Click App now integrates with DigitalOcean Managed MongoDB, so you can automatically spin up a Managed MongoDB database when you create your Node.js app.

In other news, DigitalOcean Managed Databases now support PostgreSQL 13. You can easily upgrade for free from older versions such as PostgreSQL 12 via the DigitalOcean Control Panel.

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