Metorik: New Products Frequently Bought Together Report

The Metorik team has just introduced a new Frequently Bought Together Products report, a new reports index and new Transaction & Shipping Cost reports to their ecommerce co-pilot for WooCommerce and Shopify.

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Products Frequently Bought Together Report

FBT Products
Products Frequently Bought Together Report ©Metorik

If you sell a lot of products in your WooCommerce or Shopify shop rather than just a few, it is very helpful to know which products are often bought together. This will give you important insights for product recommendations and upsells. You can also offer targeted discounts and even create custom product bundles that are likely to sell well together.

Meet the new Products Frequently Bought Together report!

In the Product Sales report, you’ll find a new section that shows combinations of products that are frequently bought together, along with the number of times each combination was purchased by customers.

Individual Products
Individual Products ©Metorik

In addition, you can also view individual products and product variations to find out which products are frequently bought together with certain products.

New Reports Index

Reports Index
Reports Index ©Metorik

Metorik has created a new Reports Index in the app where you can view all reports, search them and even save them as favourites for quick access. Gone are the days of wasting too much valuable time on this search.

Global Search
Search For Reports ©Metorik

Speaking of search, they have also included each report in the global search that you can find at the top of the app. Simply click up there and search for a report or use the keyboard shortcut command + /.

New Transaction & Shipping Cost Reports

Transaction Cost Report
Transaction Cost Report ©Metorik

Finally, Metorik has added some new reports to the Cost and Profit aka Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) report, including the new Transaction Costs and Shipping Costs reports. As it says on the box, they allow you to see transaction costs by transaction method and shipping costs by shipping method.

These reports are very useful to see how much each payment and shipping method costs you and what the average percentage and cost of each method is. If the cost is too high, you may need to look for cheaper alternatives.

Previously, you could only set an estimated cost for each payment method or gateway based on % and $ per order. But now you can set a custom field to get the actual cost from WooCommerce. This will soon be available for Shopify as well. This way you can now finally use real transaction costs in your Metorik profit reports.

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