Moosend Announces New Automation Features

Moosend just announced fourteen new automation features that will set fire to your email marketing campaigns! They are a real time saver and will definitely simplify and automate repetitive manual tasks. Let’s dive right into them!

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New Automation Features

A/B Testing
Wait Time
And & Or Expressions
Reset Stats
Multiple Triggers
Looping Campaign Automation
Workflow Comments
Duplicate Steps
Zoom Out
Automation Step Description
Share Automations
Send Emails Faster
Smart Automations
  • A/B Testing
    Optimize your automation workflows based on data-driven decisions
  • Better Wait-Time
    Get full control over the when exactly you want your automated campaigns to be sent, e.g. on Tuesdays at 03:03pm.
  • “And” & “Or” Expressions
    In the filter module you can now efine your criteria with “and” and “or” expressions.
  • Reset Stats
    To get rid of redundant data from the past, you can now reset your statistics counting actions and triggers.
  • Multiple Triggers
    You can now add multiple triggering conditions and let your automation start in different ways.
  • Recurring Emails
    You can now send the same email to your email list on a regular basis with the new looping campaign automation. This feature also allows you to merge paths back to a single path.
  • Notes
    You can annotate your automation workflows with personal notes and collaborate on any step with your team members.
  • Duplicating Steps
    You are now able to duplicate and modify any step of your workflow.
  • Zoom In & Out
    Easily zoom in and out to see a helicopter view of your complex workflow.
  • Descriptions
    The automation steps now come with a complete description of what each step contains. That saves a few clicks!
  • Share Automations
    You can now easily share copies of your automation workflows so that your team members can automatically recreate them.
  • Send Automated Campaigns Faster
    In the “Send Email” step in automations, you can now select any design you like without having to jump in and out of the automation designer.
  • Smart Automations Based On Form Submissions
    You can now send targeted messages when someone submits a certain form or any subscription form.

Finally, the long awaited Slack integration is here. It allows you to send Slack notifications directly or to a channel through automation.

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