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Offline customers and customers shopping online have one thing in common: They are not patient at all. Whilst offline stores can increase the numbers of employees and improve the training of their staff, online stores can do quite a lot on the technical side. A more clean and simple layout, an improved checkout process via one step checkout solutions to decrease the abandonment of shopping carts or an increased site speed for instance. For the latter, that’s exactly where page cache solutions come into play. A native Magento installation already comes with a caching features, but unfortunately those are not working for pages. According to Forrester Research, however, customers expect pages to be loaded within 2 seconds. Otherwise half of them are just one click away from your competitor’s site and are lost, especially during peak shopping times at night and if the page load takes longer than 3 seconds. So, a site at full speed is quintessential for high conversion rates and loyal customers.

For Magento powered shops, we would like to introduce the respective modules from Amasty and Templates Master, two major players in the fast-growing Magento extension market.

Full Page Cache Magento Extension by Amasty

Full Page Cache Magento Extension ©Amasty

The Full Page Cache module has been developed by Amasty and allows your pages to be loaded much faster. This is then resulting in an improved user experience along with higher conversion rates, search engine rankings and indexing. Google loves fast loading websites!

According to internal tests, it takes about 2.2 seconds for a regular product view page to be loaded. Compared to just 0.045 seconds with the module implemented, this is an unbelievable increase in speed: more than 40 times faster! Even compared to Varnish Cache, a free open source solution, Full Page Cache is loading pages 2 – 4 times faster.

By updating Full Page Cache to version 1.3.0, Amasty have added a Cache Crawler which is required for the so-called warming the cache. This allows your store to work even faster!

Check out the features:

  • Immediate page load
  • Cache update schedule can be set
  • Support for dynamic blocks
  • SEO improvement
  • Option to exclude pages from being cached
  • Cache is automatically refreshed
  • Enable debug mode and work information
  • Module is supporting native Magento mechanisms
  • Free lifetimes updates & support for 90 days; 50% discount on support renewals
  • 60 days money-back guarantee

Make yourself and your customers happy by implementing the Full Page Cache extension.

Purchase Full Page Cache for $199 »

Magento Page Cache Extension by Templates Master

Magento Page Cache Extension ©Templates Master

Templates Master have created the Magento Page Cache extension with only one purpose in mind – to make your store load faster. Boosting the speed of your Magento shop is as easy as 1, 2, 3 as it works out of the box once installed.

According to their own tests, the average response time of their Argento theme has been 1050ms before the installation of the module. After the implementation, the Page Cache mod managed to decrease the response time down to just 375ms. Also, a higher speed is improving your SEO performance, decreases abandoned shopping carts and increases conversion rates.

Check out the features:

  • Server resource usage can be reduced by up to 50%
  • Option to tag dynamic content blocks
  • Full configurable via admin
  • Option to dynamically cache custom blocks
  • Specify cacheable & non-cacheable pages
  • Set URL parameters to be ignored for the cache
  • Different header response types can be added which will disable cache
  • Free support for 3 months
  • 15 day money-back guarantee

Get rid of expensive hosting packs and save your customers a lot of time by installing the Magento Page Cache extension. As of 3rd Nov 2014 Templates Master are also offering a free trial version which is working on CMS pages only, but is not limited in time.

Purchase Magento Page Cache for $189 »

Magento Full Page Cache Extension by MageGiant

Full Page Cache Extension by MageGiant
Magento Full Page Cache Extension ©MageGiant

MageGiant’s Full Page Cache extension for Magento enables your store to load faster. As customers hate to wait, both in retail stores and online, a blazing fast online store is decreasing the number of impatient customers heading to the competition.

Check out the features:

  • Full custom cache by actions & helpers
  • Custom block caching management
  • Automatically Intelligence learning Blocks
  • .htaccess configuration: Etags, Compression, Expire headers
  • Full Page Cache also available for Magento Enterprise edition (+$99.99)
  • Full CDN support
  • Configuration clean catalog cache on each order
  • Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Life-time free support & upgrades

Purchase Magento Full Page Cache for $99 »


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