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tabExtend Launches Reminders

Gustav from tabExtend has just released version 2.1 of his tab management extension for Chrome, Edge and Brave, introducing Reminders and major mobile updates. Reminders The tabExtend browser extension now comes with a new Reminders feature for setting up reminders on…


Sendspark Adds Touch-Up Appearance Filter

Bethany from Sendspark has just released a new camera effect for their video outreach and video marketing platform. Say hello to the new Touch-Up Appearance filter. They have also released a new Close CRM integration. Touch-Up Appearance Filter Sendspark’s new…


BrandBird Now Integrates With Unsplash

In April and May, BrandBird added some exciting new features to their online image editor, including an Unsplash integration, an option to pixelate sensitive information, export with transparent backgrounds, image layers, and more. Easily Turn Your Screenshots Into Engaging Screenshots…


Sendspark Rolls Out Camera Spotlight

Sendspark just introduced a new camera spotlight mode for their video outreach platform that allows you to take center stage. Camera Spotlight Mode With the new camera spotlight mode, you can switch the focus between yourself and your screen to…