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Highlight Elements

BrandBird Introduces Enhanced Highlight Tool

BrandBird just announced great new updates to its online image editor, including icon annotation layers, an improved highlighting tool, a gradient background grid, and a new free tool. Easily Turn Your Screenshots Into Engaging Screenshots » Icon Annotation Layers With…

Chrome Extension

BrandBird: Chrome Extension Out Of Beta

BrandBird just announced that the Chrome extension for their online image editor is finally out of beta. It allows you to import a screenshot of an entire website or part of it into the BrandBird Studio and turn it into…


BrandBird Now Integrates With Unsplash

In April and May, BrandBird added some exciting new features to their online image editor, including an Unsplash integration, an option to pixelate sensitive information, export with transparent backgrounds, image layers, and more. Easily Turn Your Screenshots Into Engaging Screenshots…