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Metork for Shopify

Metorik For Shopify Is Finally Here

Metorik just proudly announced the official launch of Metorik for Shopify. Originally developed as your “Store co-pilot” for WooCommerce, it is now also available for the popular SaaS e-commerce platform. Start Your 30 Day Free Metorik Trial » Metorik For…


Metorik Digests 2.0 Finally Out Of Beta

After working on a new digest system for their WooCommerce reports and email automation tool for the last six months, Metorik finally released Digests 2.0 into the wild. Start Your 30 Day Free Metorik Trial » Digests 2.0 Digests are…

Coupon Reports

Metorik Rolls Out New Coupon Reports

Bryce of Metorik just rolled out a brand new feature for their “WooCommerce co-pilot” that has patiently been waiting on his todo list for more than two years. Say hello to coupon reports. Start Your 30 Day Free Metorik Trial…