WPForms: New Content Field & Anti-Spam Settings

The WPForms developers have recently introduced a new content field, new anti-spam settings and notification attachments to their form builder plugin for WordPress. New Content Field Until now, if you wanted to add additional content to your forms, this was…

reCAPTCHA v3 Add-On

Gravity Forms: Easily Beat Form Spam Entries

Gravity Forms just released two new add-ons for their WordPress form builder plugin that allow you to effectively protect your forms from spam entries. Meet the reCAPTCHA v3 and Akismet add-ons. Create Advanced Forms For Your WordPress Sites With Ease…

Conversational Forms

Fluent Forms Introduces Conversational Forms

WP Manage Ninja just announced conversational forms for Fluent Forms that allow you to make your WordPress forms interactive. This is especially useful for long forms with multiple steps. Get The Fastest WordPress Form Builder » Fluent Conversational Forms Online…

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms Announces Date Fields & Advanced Datepicker

Ninja Forms just announced new upcoming features and add-ons for their drag & drop WordPress form builder including date fields and and advanced datepicker. In June, they introduced reCAPTCHA v3 support and new re-firing submission features. Create Beautiful WordPress Forms…


WPForms Now Integrates With hCaptcha & Sendinblue

WPForms just announced two exciting new integrations that will take their easy-to-use drag and drop WordPress form builder plugin to a whole new level. Say hello to hCaptcha support and the new Sendinblue integration. WPForms – The Beginner Friendly WordPress…

WP Amelia

Amelia Rolls Out Outlook Calendar Sync

The Amelia team has just released version 2.9 of their WordPress appointment and event booking plugin. It now comes with a brand new Outlook Calendar sync feature. Let Clients Book Appointments & Events And Pay Online » Outlook Calendar Sync…