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GummySearch Launches AI-Based Topic Analysis

Fed from GummySearch has already introduced an AI-based pattern finder to his Reddit audience research tool. Now, he has added an AI-based topic analysis, a submission summary, share pattern reports, and more. AI-Based Topic Analysis With GummySearch, you can now…


GummySearch Rolls Out GummyAI & YouTube Channel

Fed from GummySearch introduced GummyAI with some exciting advanced natural language processing (NLP) features to his Reddit audience research tool and a new YouTube channel. GummyAI GummyAI is currently in beta and allows you to summarize long Reddit posts and…


Awario: Reddit Monitoring Now Available

Awario is a tool for monitoring social media and web mentions of your brand. You can engage with your audience and grow your brand awareness. They have just now introduced Reddit monitoring. Get Instant Notifications When Someone Is Talking About…