Usermaven Introduces New Engagement Column in Contacts Hub

Waqar from Usermaven has just released a new update to its privacy-friendly, cookieless and no-code web and product analytics platform, introducing a new engagement column in the Contacts Hub, an improved Product Insights UX and funnels, and more.

New Engagement Column

The new Engagement column provides an overview of four different engagement levels in the Contacts Hub:

  • Highly Active
  • Moderately Active
  • Low
  • At Risk (exclusive to Users & Companies)

Engagement is measured by multiplying the number of events by the ratio of active days within the last 30 days to 30. For recently registered users, engagement is determined by looking at the date they registered on the platform and counting the number of events they’ve participated since then.

Improved Funnels

Funnel Window
Funnel Window ©Usermaven

Usermaven now allows you to set the window size for your funnel, which determines the amount of time in days, hours and minutes a user has to complete the funnel steps. For example, if you set the window size to 14 days, the user will have 14 days to complete the funnel steps. Users who don’t complete the steps within this time span will not be counted in the funnel.

The Usermaven funnel module now has a new compaction feature. Previously, in a funnel sequence such as Step A > B > B > C > D, the strict mode would encounter problems due to the adjacent repetition of Step B. With the new compaction feature, such repetitions are handled effectively. If you use the Journeys feature and funnels in Usermaven, you can now expect precise results in both functionalities.

Improved Product Insights UX

In the previous version of the Product Insights module, creating a new insight required several steps. Now you can quickly create a new insight by simply selecting the “Create New Insight” button located within the Product Insights module.

New Time Filter in Visitors Overview

Time Filter
Time Filter ©Usermaven

Previously, the Visitor Overview page only showed visitor data for the last 7 days. Usermaven‘s new time filter now offers additional time period options, allowing you to view visitor statistics for up to the last 90 days.


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