BigCommerce: Headless Commerce For Greater Flexibility  

E-commerce continues to evolve, and headless commerce is becoming more and more a buzzword these days, making brands wonder if this solution is right for their business. Let’s find out.

Headless Commerce

In short, headless commerce allows e-commerce companies to create unique content-driven websites, attract customers and provide a frictionless journey to checkout.

Headless commerce describes the decoupling of the presentation layer or “head” of a website from the backend ecommerce functionality such as inventory management, billing, and shipping. The front- and backend are independent from each other, but are connected via APIs. This decoupling enables companies to use the front-end solutions that best support their business and marketing strategies, such as content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, digital experience platforms (DXP) like Adobe Experience Manager, and progressive Web applications (PWA) like Gatsby, while BigCommerce is used in the backend.


One of the biggest advantages of headless commerce is that you can use powerful backend platforms such as BigCommerce while maintaining the existing front-end website in which your company has already invested. Another advantage is the ability to quickly and easily make marketing changes such as the introduction of a new promotion while keeping developer resources focused on innovative experiences. Changes on the frontend can be made quickly without disrupting any backend functionality.

Burrow and LARQ are two great examples of companies that have improved their business by getting headless with BigCommerce.

Is Headless Commerce Right for You?

Below you’ll find a few questions to answer to see if headless is something that you should consider.

  • Do you have a content marketing strategy or plan to develop One to attract more organic traffic?
  • Is your brand focused on creating innovative digital experiences?
  • Does your audience visit your website predominantly on mobile phones?
  • Do you have a need for selling at multiple locations or on an international level?
  • Have you already invested in a frontend technology?

To help you understand if headless commerce is the right strategy for you, BigCommerce is providing a detailed white paper that you can download for free. Or, schedule a free demo today to learn more.

Get The Headless Experience With BigCommerce »

By the way, if you’re still using Magento 1 you might want to read this post about its end of life and alternative e-commerce solutions.

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