A Complete Review Of PostX – The Best Post Grid WordPress Plugin

In this era of connectivity, a proper post block plugin is the bread and butter of any and all blogger, entrepreneur, and people of countless other professions. Communication is key to success and the right post block plugin ensures your success by establishing a strong connection between you and your target audience. A competent post block plugin displays all your posts in an attractive and meaningful way. PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks might provide you with the right tools to do just that.

This post block plugin provides you with “ready to post” blocks saving both your time and effort. However, the sky is limit when you get to the customization of the blocks. PostX comes with a free and a premium version. In this article I will highlight the best features of both versions and will then go into the delicious details.

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PostX – The Free Version


  • It comes with an Advanced Query Builder with tons of options to tweak.
  • Advanced Pagination along with AJAX pagination is included with the plugin for creating a seamless experience for visitors.
  • Groundbreaking typography control gives all that you need to thrive.
  • It comes with a number of blog listing variations.
  • The plugin comes with a dynamic post slider that will surely add an extra dimension to your website.
  • It includes an Advanced Filter powered by AJAX Technology.
  • The “saved template” feature of the plugin allows you to use shortcodes.
  • The Elementor add-on of PostX lets you use Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks inside the WordPress page builder.

An Array of Blog Listing Variations At Your Disposal

Blog Listing Variations
Blog Listing Variations ©PostX

PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks shows astounding versatility when it comes to displaying your posts. It is the struggle of countless bloggers and website owners to reduce monotony and add variety to the structure. Perhaps PostX was partly built on the base of this very strife. Because It serves as an answer to all our prayers and supplies us with all that we need to create exciting and appealing blog posts.

The major four blog listing variations are post grid, post list, post slider, and finally post module. Each of these variations is unique and serves a specific purpose. However, that’s not all. Each of the four variations has its own sub-variations that are distinct in both structure and purpose. For instance, Post Grid is for displaying posts in a grid layout. PostX offers you 7 unique and stylish variations of post grids to choose from. from. Other blog listing variations have such distinct sub-variations for you to dive into.

Moreover, each of these blocks come with premade blocks ready to be used in seconds. All you have to do is select the one you like and import it for use. No customization is necessary in the case of these premade blocks whatsoever. PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks offers you 10+ ready-made blocks in the free version.

Advanced Query Builder To Better Arrange Your Content

Advanced Query Builder
Advanced Query Builder ©PostX

For the creative ones out there, it is a real hassle to organize your content. And poorly organized content more often than not leads to losing visitors. PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks creates a strong impression in this area by organizing your content for you. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can use the advanced query builder of PostX.

Using PostX’s query builder is simplicity itself. A few clicks on your part is more than enough to create a query. You create your query as a post or a page. The number of posts can also be controlled easily by putting your desired number in a box. In the case of taxonomy, PostX gives you Category, Tags, and Custom Taxonomy (subject).

More priorities such as date, title, comment count, meta value number, menu order can be used to build your query. And to do so you only have to select your desired priority in the “Order by” section. Another pair of exciting features of the excellent query builder is the “include post” and “exclude post” feature. You can include or exclude any post out or inside of the priorities you have set using this feature. Lastly, you can also skip a number of posts before publishing by using the “offset post” feature.

Advanced Pagination For Creating A Seamless User Experience

Advanced Pagination
Advanced Pagination ©PostX

Pagination is one of the vital components for the smooth and intuitive navigation of your website. You don’t want your visitors to fumble around and call quits before they get a taste of your content. With the use of proper pagination, you can entice your visitors and take away all chances of frustration. PostX’s pagination hits the right spot with its immaculate features and intuitive controls.

PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks offers you three types of pagination including the advanced AJAX pagination. Each of these paginations come with their own settings by which you can easily customize them down to the last detail.

Load More

First on these is the “load more” pagination. Clicking the load more button your visitors can simply add more content to their existing page. The text on the button can be changed to anything of your liking. You can also change the color, typography, alignment, background color of the “load more” button. Other additional settings such as border, box-shadow, border-radius, margin, padding can be tweaked according to your liking if you should need it.


The second of these paginations is “navigation”. This pagination system simply gives your visitors a set of directional arrows to navigate through your content. The alignment, position, and size of these arrows can be changed with a few clicks in the settings section. Here too you get to customize to your heart’s content. Usual settings like color, typography, background color, box-shadow, border-radius, margin, padding can be tweaked here.


The last of the pagination options is simply called “pagination”. This is the powerful AJAX pagination. You can turn the AJAX pagination on and off according to your needs. This pagination gives your visitors “previous” and “next” buttons along with a few buttons containing page numbers. You can only use arrows or both arrows and text to indicate the “next” and “previous” buttons. Other additional settings as the above mentioned paginations are also available here for customization purposes.

AJAX Filter To Make Your Website Or Blog Intuitive & User-Friendly

AJAX Filter
AJAX Filter ©PostX

Most website owners and bloggers find themselves in a fix when it comes to ensuring easy access and intuitive navigation of their content. It goes without saying that a frustrated visitor is unlikely to come back. However, you may rest assured because with the help of PostX’s vigorous filter you can make sure that never happens. This AJAX powered filter equips you with the right tools so you can make sure your visitors find what they are looking for in no time.

This amazing filter of PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks only loads a portion of your content according to the priorities you set. It is done without reloading the page so that your visitors get a seamless experience. You get four distinct filter types to choose from. These are Category, Tag, Subject (Custom Taxonomy), and Post Format. You can change the filter value to filter your content more precisely.

The button that brings back all your content in one place can also be customized. To do so you simply have to type in what you want the button to show. This filter is a host to many other additional settings such as typography, color, background color, border, border-radius, margin, padding, dropdown text color, dropdown hover color, dropdown background, dropdown radius, dropdown padding, and much more. You can truly customize the filter to a T.

Saved Template Add-On For Using Shortcodes

Saved Template Add-On
Saved Template Add-On ©PostX

PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks gives you access to shortcodes through the saved template add-on. More often you find yourself in need of merging blocks of two plugins on the same page. Shortcodes make it possible in the easiest and effortless way possible. Besides using shortcodes to implement blocks is one of the safest methods out there. Therefore, with the help of the fantastic saved template add-on, you can use the blocks of PostX with that of other plugins such as Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, and more.

In order to get the shortcode of a PostX block you simply need to save that block as a saved template. Once you do that this block will appear along with its shortcode in the saved template section. From there you can copy the shortcode and paste where you want to implement it. It is as simple as that.

Elementor Add-On

Elementor Add-On
Elementor Add-On ©PostX

Under normal circumstances, the Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks cannot be used with Elementor blocks on the same page. This add-on, however, allows you to use PostX blocks inside Elementor in the easiest way possible. With the help of this add-on, you can merge Gutenberg blocks with the Elementor blocks seamlessly. The process of adding a Gutenberg post block to Elementor is as easy as saving a template.

Create Beautiful Gutenberg Post Blocks »

PostX – The Premium Version


  • It comes with an advanced quick query that creates queries in an instant.
  • 6+ Starter packs are included with the premium version instead of three.
  • The plugin comes with a whopping 64+ readymade block design that can be used without any customization whatsoever.
  • The advanced image loading features exclusive to the premium version create a smoother experience for users.
  • It comes with specific category background color feature.
  • The plugin offers tons of content animation to beautify your website or blog.
  • You will get priority support from the original developers 24/7.

Premade Premium Blocks, Layouts & Starter Packs

Premium Post Blocks
Premium Post Blocks ©PostX

It is true that pre-made blocks allow you to spend more time and effort on content creation. However, it is equally true that most of the premade blocks usually available in various plugins give your content a very unattractive and plain presentation. But that is not the case with PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks. It comes with an astounding number of original, stylish and ergonomic pre-made blocks for you to choose from. Each block is unique and distinct both in taste and purpose.

The premium version of PostX gives you access to a whopping 64+ premade block designs, 50+ block layout designs, and 6 unique starter packs. Each blog listing variation comes with numerous pre-made blocks. And each of these premade blocks has several layout designs for you to choose from. Lastly, the starter packs contain totally unique and complete designs by which you can create a whole new page in seconds. This new page will be comprised of multiple blocks and much versatility.

Advanced Quick Query

Advanced Quick Query
Advanced Quick Query ©PostX

This feature is most useful to the restless ones out there along with those who find themselves in a hurry. This fantastic feature of PostX lets you create queries in an instant. You create these quick queries by simply setting the priority. PostX gives you 13 different priorities for creating your quick query including:

  • Most Comments (1 Day, 7 Days, 30 Days)
  • Popular Post (1 Day, 7 Days, 30 Days, All Time – View Counter)
  • Random Post (7 Days, 30 Days)
  • Latest Posts (Modified Date, Oldest Post & Published Date)
  • Oldest Post (Modified Date)
  • Alphabet (Ascending or Descending)

Image Loading

Due to a weak internet connection visitors often experience some problems with auto-scrolling. This usually happens because the images load one by one without securing their positions first. This is a major pain for your visitors and many leave your site without giving it a chance. If you have faced such a decline in traffic the exclusive image loading feature is the solution for you.

This image loading feature secures the position of the images before loading them. This eliminates the problem of auto-scrolling. On top of that your visitors get a more vivid idea about the images even when the internet is slow. This feature certainly removes frustration for your visitors while giving your website or blog a standard feel.

Content Animation

Content animation is an integral part when comes to creating a responsive and eye-catching presentation. The right sort of content animation can make your content not only attractive but also easy to find and understand. Usually, you might need a separate plugin just for content animation. However, with PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks won’t be needing it. PostX comes with tons of stylish and versatile content animation for you to choose from. It is truly an all-in-one plugin.

Specific Category Background Color Add-On

Category Background Color Add-On
Category Background Color Add-On ©PostX

Many times the color of the text of categories blends into the background of the page, making it impossible for your visitors to find the categories they are looking for. This can give your visitors the impression of a broken website when in reality the issue is a tiny one. PostX’s specific category background color addon is built to address this issue particularly.

This addon of PostX adds an extra layer of background to your categories so that they are always visible and can be easily found. You can even choose the color of this extra layer of background to your liking.

No Questions Asked Refund Policy

One of the most reassuring policies of PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks is the “no questions asked” refund policy. PostX refunds any unsatisfied customer within 14 days of the purchase. So if you feel unsatisfied with the plugin you won’t be stuck with it like many other plugins. All you need to do is send an email and the people at WPXPO will refund you within 2 – 3 days. And not a single question will be asked.


PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks is a complete package when it comes to post block plugins for WordPress. All you need to engage your audience and establish a connection with them is right here. In other words, I highly recommend that you try out this plugin. However, for the full experience, you will have to get the premium version of PostX. It will definitely give you a bang for your buck in the long run.

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