Usermaven Rolls Out Feature Adoption 2.0

Waqar from Usermaven has just released a new update to its privacy-friendly, cookieless and no-code web and product analytics platform, introducing Feature Adoption 2.0, funnel conversion time distribution, dynamic conversion values, and more.

Feature Adoption 2.0

The Usermaven team has revamped the Feature Adoption metrics to provide you with more meaningful data than ever before.

With the new Feature Adoption, you can now:

  • Create modules and place individual features within those modules for better organization.
  • Define adoption criteria, such as how many times a user performs an event.
  • Specify how often users must use a feature, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • Generate a group report to get a bird’s eye view of feature usage.
  • Track the frequency of “adopted” and “retained” users on your platform, along with first and last use data.
  • Finally, they have significantly improved the user experience for the module.

To create a new feature report, go to the Manage Features section, select the event associated with your feature, and define the acceptance and retention criteria for that feature.

Funnel Conversion Time Distribution

Conversion Time Distribution
Conversion Time Distribution ©Usermaven

In the detailed funnel analysis, Usermaven has introduced a new conversion time distribution feature. A time histogram allows you to analyze the average time it takes to complete steps in a funnel or process.

Dynamic Conversion Values

Conversion Goal
Dynamic Conversion Value

Usermaven now allows you to use dynamic values for conversion goals. For example, a SaaS company might want to know the total number of users who upgraded along with their corresponding conversion values.

Based on your selected conversion goal, the resulting display is organized to clearly show the relevant information.

Automatic Identification of Logged-In WordPress Users

Usermaven’s WordPress plugin has also been updated to allow you to automatically identify logged-in users. They have added an option to automatically send logged-in user data to Usermaven from your WordPress website. You can also exclude events from being sent to the Usermaven platform based on the role of the logged-in users, e.g. your own visits as site admin.

What’s More?

MAU List
MAU List ©Usermaven

In Product Engagement > Active Users Insight, you can now view a list of daily, weekly and monthly active users, also known as MAU, who are actively engaged with your product.

In other news, Usermaven has added support for sending events to its analytics platform on page changes in the Svelte framework. Finally, they have released their official React and Next.js software development kits (SDKs).


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