BuddyBoss Releases Huge Performance Update In Beta

BuddyBoss just released a huge performance update to the BuddyBoss platform and theme, adding more support for object caching including Memcached and Redis which is currently in beta. They also revealed the release date of BuddyBoss Theme 2.0, announced a redesigned activity post form, and more.

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New Features

  • BuddyBoss Theme 2.0
    It is expected to be launched at the end of the first quarter of 2022. Interested in how it looks?Check out our sneak peek post.
  • Improved Customization For Profile Avatars & Cover Images
    They released some new features which allow you to better customize profile and group avatars as well as cover images across both your BuddyBoss powered community site and mobile app.
  • Revamped Activity Post Form
    They have spent a lot of time on redesigning the activity form post focusing on the overall user experience.
  • Privacy Update
    Due to popular demand, they have just released a new feature that allows you to restrict access to the REST APIs on your website and RSS feeds for enhanced security.
  • Custom Notifications
    Soon, developers will have the ability to register custom notifications once and have them work across email, web, and app. Coming later this quarter!
  • BuddyBoss App In-App Purchases
    They are currently working on some major improvements to the in-app purchase component of the BuddyBoss app to allow for more customization and the ability to handle more scenarios. You will be able to set featured images for in-app products and specify which products to show on the registration screen. They will also add support for consumable products and implement a more streamlined process of creating and configuring products.
  • App Access
    They are also working on major enhancements to access control, especially for the app. You will be able to customize and control access to the app based on membership level, user type, or other criteria.
  • App Blog
    In addition, they are also working on creating a new app blog allowing you to display posts in a blog on your app pages and use filters to determine which blog posts you want to display.
  • Layout Customization
    In March, they will add an option to customize layouts in member and group profiles and directories. You will also be able to show or hide various elements within the directories.

Lastly, BuddyBoss had to put the Tutor LMS integration on hold due to the upcoming release of Tutor LMS 2.0. Now that they have released their beta, the BuddyBoss team plans to refocus on this integration after the official launch of BuddyBoss Theme 2.0.

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