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Full-Cycle Checkout

Amasty Releases Full-Cycle Checkout For Magento 2

A simple checkout that is optimized for conversions is absolutely vital for any successful online store. This way, you can recover thousands in lost revenue. Good news: Amasty just introduced the brand-new Full-Cycle Checkout extension for Magento 2. Easily Get…


Aheadworks Switches To Subscription Model

Aheadworks just announced that they are switching to a subscription-based model on 1 February 2022. This means that all Magento 2 extensions will only be available with subscription to support and upgrades. New Subscription Model The benefits for both sides…

Extension Updates

Amasty Updates 40+ Magento 2 Extensions

Last month, Amasty released updates to a whole bunch of Magento 2 extensions – actually more than 40 to be precise. The Jet Theme, Blog Pro, One Step Checkout, and Mass Order Action extensions even got big updates. Easily Increase…